Top 30 Finalist!

Earlier this week, the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival announced its Top 30 Finalists for this August’s festival.  I am so happy to say that AMBUSH! has been selected!

So, people have been asking, What does this mean??  It means that I have the opportunity now to produce the play in NYC at the festival.  Or should I say obligation to produce the play in NYC at the festival.  I am thrilled beyond measure!  Over the course of the first four days of the festival, seven or eight plays an evening will be performed and judged.  Then, one or two from each evening will be selected to advance in the festival.  On Saturday, Aug 13, the top ten plays will be performed and judged yet again.  Finally, the top six plays will be selected, with a grand prize of being published and distributed by Samuel French as part of the Best of Short Plays edition they put out each year.  This is one of those chances of a lifetime that people talk about.  Winning this means that theatres all over the place will be able to read my play and perform it!

I am currently wrapping my head around the logistics involved in this enterprise.  Things like, Oh, yeah, I need to get three actors either in NYC or up to NYC, and, Oh, yeah, I need to keep them there for a week.  And, Oh, yeah, actors need to eat food and stuff so they don’t pass out onstage.  And, Oh, yeah, I’ve got some set pieces in my garage for this thing, too.  How am I going to get my garage to NYC…?  Lots of logistics.

One of my favorite sayings of all time is, Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it!

But I say, throw caution to the wind on this one!  In this moment, the how’s and when’s and what the…’s are unclear.  But that’s okay.  I’ll be seeing you in August, NYC.  Are you ready to get GLAM?  (Ehem…that’s a line from AMBUSH!…it’d be hilarious to you if you’ve seen or read the play…)

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