Here are a few of my film credits:

The Year of Getting To Know Us opposite Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu.  What was so groovy about this one, is that my shoot date was the very last day of filming, so I scored an invite to the cast party.  I got to hang out and boogie with Jimmy Fallon, which was absolutely as fun as you might think it was.

Tooth Fairy 2 with Larry the Cable Guy.  Sadly, my scene got cut from this movie, but I was playing a big fan of Larry the Cable Guy’s character, and in our scene, I had to throw my arms around him in a fanboy passion.  We did, like, 2o takes.

Ace Ventura Jr. with Josh Flitter. This is the one where I have the most screen time.  I got two pretty good scenes out of this one, one of which was a big set-piece moment of the movie.  I don’t mean to brag, but I have actually been recognized on the street from this movie.

I have also done several independent films, including The Last Will and Good Faith (in post-production).